The world cup has come and gone and everything seems to be getting back to normal, however this does not mean we are stopping our production. We are still making the soccer sculptures available.

Sculptures from all the players and teams are available for purchase. Please visit the shop to view players and teams.

African Wildlife Sculptures

Ingwe Crafts sculptures are created in our studio in Springs, a town in the province of Gauteng, South Africa.

Ingwe Crafts are dedicated to produce work of exceptional quality using the finest and most up to date materials available designed and carved by Mr Mfaniseni Mthembu.

A mould is taken from the original, by an expert trained in the tradition of bronze casting and the final finely ground metal (either brass, bronze, copper or zinc powder) and bonded with modern resins.


Our name “Ingwe” is taken from the Zulu word for the leopard which is an elegant, strong and versatile hunter found in Africa. The leopard is a very secretive animal and seldom seen by humans. Like the leopard studies its prey, Mfaniseni has studied the form of various animals and painstakingly hand carved sculpted the originals in wood.

Many of the sculptures have been carved from memory. Our commitment is to the preservation of wildlife and the pride we take in our work is justifiably reflected in each creation.